Historical Background

At a historic joint meeting of the former Musicological Society of Southern Africa and the Symposium on Ethnomusicology at the University of Cape Town in 2005 a proposal was put forward that the two organisations amalgamate.  This was enthusiastically accepted, in principle, by members of both organisations after which a process of the formal dissolution of the two organisations was set in motion for the next conference which was held in Potchefstroom in 2006.

At the Potchefstroom conference a new society came into existence with an executive committee, which was elected for the next three years.  The first annual conference of SASRIM was held in Bloemfontein in August 2007, and the second in Port Elizabeth in August 2008. In 2010 SASRIM was involved with the planning of the IMS Regional Conference and annual SASRIM conference held in Stellenbosch (hosted by Stellenbosch University), South Africa from 14 – 17 July 2010. In addition, SASRIM has managed to retain the name and accreditation for the journal SAMUS (South African Music Studies) formerly the South African Journal of Musicology, which continues to include high quality musical research articles and is posted to members of the society at no additional cost.

The community of music research in our region is active but small, and we need to pool our collective energies to ensure that we nurture a vibrant research community. We thus sincerely extend an invitation to you to become a member of SASRIM. Please feel free to browse our website and contact us for further information.


Emerging from the recognition that music research has historically been pursued in relatively distinct settings and intellectual traditions in our country, the objective of the Society shall be to facilitate dialogue and collaboration between all researchers in music, within and beyond academia and the promotion, fostering and dissemination of such research. The Society shall be operated as a nonprofit organisation exclusively for this object.


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Code of Conduct

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