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SAMUS: South African Music Studies (ISSN: 2223-635X) is inviting contributions for volume 43. The submission date is 28 July 2023.


South African Music Studies

SAMUS is the official organ of the South African Society for Research in Music (SASRIM). Contents and abstracts are listed in Rilm Abstracts, The Music Index, Sabinet Online, and African Journals OnLine.

Typical items for publication in SAMUS include articles, interviews, and reports on South African and other musics; reviews of books, scores, software and multimedia products, and recordings; conference reports; news relating to the South African Society for Research in Music (SASRIM) and other news. For further information about editorial content and policy, contact: Please Cc in your email.

Individual SAMUS subscriptions:

Individual subscribers: Please subscribe as a SASRIM member here in order to receive one copy of the annual publication of SAMUS (South African Music Studies), the accredited journal of the Society.

Institutional SAMUS subscriptions:

Ordering back issues

Where available, back issues of SAMUS are for sale at 385ZAR per issue. Volume 34/35 is for sale at 495ZAR for South African and African subscriptions and 1000ZAR for other international subscriptions. Please E-mail and state which issue(s) you are interested in purchasing. Please include your postal address. If the issues you requested are in stock, an invoice, including local/international postage costs, will then be mailed to you. Payments should be made by cheque or direct transfer into SASRIM’s bank account. Proof of payment will be required before your order will be mailed to you.

Researchers based in Africa and the developing world without access to institutional subscriptions may qualify for free digital copies of individual articles. Please contact with your request and motivation.

For a full set of issues, please email the journal administrator for more details.

Submitting an article for publication consideration

Authors who have prepared research articles or other material suitable for SAMUS are welcome to submit their work for consideration for publication in the SAMUS journal. Please consult the SAMUS style guide and the SAMUS referencing guidelines before submitting your work and fill in the author declaration to be sent as part of your submission.

SAMUS endorses and applies the standards of the Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE), which promotes integrity in peer-reviewed research publications.

See also the SASRIM License Agreement with Authors.


To be a leading music journal for the publication of high quality research on music in South Africa.


To promote and foster research on music in South Africa; to encourage South African music researchers by publishing articles on a variety of topics; to promote the transformation of music studies in South Africa by actively encouraging historically disadvantaged South African researchers who are currently underrepresented in academia to participate in the activities of the journal; to maintain a high standard of scholarship and of presentation in all that is published in the journal; to publish volumes regularly and predictably.


  • To give priority to the publication of research on South African music by encouraging researchers to submit more articles related to this topic. One means to this end is to publish special issues from time to time on themes related to South African music.
  • To continue to represent the wider field of research interests in the country, especially those in the rest of Africa, by publishing a range of articles reflecting these interests.
  • To encourage and support the participation of black South African researchers as contributors, as evaluators on the panels of readers, and as editors.
  • To encourage researchers by offering editorial advice and support in order to raise the standard of submissions to a level commensurate with the standard required by the journal.
  • To retain our status as one of the South African journals approved for institutional subsidy purposes by the national Department of Education (generally known as SAPSE [South African Post-Secondary Education] status)
  • To maintain publication of at least one volume per year.
  • To disseminate SAMUS more widely within the field of international scholarship.
  • To ensure the financial security of the SAMUS enterprise.

Information for advertisers

An advertisement in SAMUS will reach most South African academic musicians, those who decide what books, CDs, scores, and electronic media will be ordered by South African universities, and some academics overseas. Use our pages to advertise your product and to simultaneously support South African musicology and ethnomusicology. If you wish to place a one-page advertisement in SAMUS, please contact our treasurer for further information. Our printer prefers electronic copy. Our pages are 180 mm wide by 245 mm high.

Editorial Board

  • Kofi Agawu (Princeton University, USA)
  • Gregory Barz (Vanderbilt University, USA)
  • Geoffrey Chew (Royal Holloway, UK)
  • Nicholas Cook (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • James Davies (UC Berkeley, USA)
  • Veit Erlmann (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
  • Jaco Kruger (North-West University, SA)
  • Winfried Lüdemann (Stellenbosch University, SA)
  • Louise Meintjes (Duke University, USA)
  • Carol Ann Muller (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Roger Parker (King’s College London, UK)
  • Martin Scherzinger (New York University, USA)

Editorial Committee

VOL. 41/42 is co-edited by Lindelwa Dalamba, Jaco Meyer and Matildie Wium.


While all the information included in these pages is provided in good faith, no warranty can be made for its accuracy. No liability will be accepted for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from any deficit or inaccuracy of the information included within the SAMUS site.

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