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Welcome to the SASRIM Student Portal

The world of music studies has changed. Like most fields of study, it is comprised of intricate networks of online resources, mailing lists, hyper-specialised societies, and massive databases for research. It can be daunting knowing where to start.

The goal of the SASRIM Student Portal is to provide a few preliminary resources for the student of South African music studies. In the panel running down the side of the page, you will find a list of South African and key international music journals as well as reading lists provided by members of our community. We have provided a short list of important mailing lists. Sign up to these to receive Calls for Papers for conferences, news from various music societies and journals, and many other opportunities. Lastly, we include a section on conferencing, an integral part of learning about and networking in the field.

This is only the start. We plan to expand this portal to include a forum for discussion and blog posts that may interest students, as well as constantly updating the sidebar lists. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write to contact us through our contact form or look us up on Facebook.


For the next few weeks, we will be featuring publicly accessible conference presentations on this portal. Please drop us a line if you have any suggestions for presentations that you would like to share.

Angela Impey: When silence is the loudest song

Hearing Landscape Critically Meeting | Stellenbosch University 2013

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