Dear Sasrim members,

2012 is drawing to a close and I would like to briefly update you on some of the activities of this year as well as new developments within the Society.

The Executive Committee

At the 2012 SASRIM Conference a new committee has been elected. At such occasions continuity between the outgoing and incoming committees is always a concern, but as you will see from below list, this has been achieved.

The outgoing exco members were SASRIM’s chair of the past three years, Zelda Potgieter, Michael Nixon, Claudio Chipendo and Beverley Parker. I would like to use this opportunity to thank them for their contribution to the Society. Special thanks go to our previous chair who has steered our relatively young Society into consolidation as well as Beverley who has served the Society, and its predecessor the Musicological Society of Southern Africa, with distinction for many years.

The newly elected executive committee members have made themselves available for various tasks within the committee. They are as follows:

Office bearers:
Chair: Hilde Roos –
Deputy chair: Brett Pyper –
Secretary: Annemie Stimie – /
Treasurer: Claudia Jansen van Rensburg –

Programme committee:
Jaco Kruger –
Alvin Petersen –
Rebekka Sandmeier –

Publications committee:
Jeff Brukman –
Willemien Froneman – /
Etienne Viviers –

SAMUS editor (ex-officio):
Nishlyn Ramanna –

Recruitment & student support committee:
Mareli Stolp –

Website committee:
Santie de Jongh –

Other members:
Marie Jorritsma –
Isaac Machafa –


SAMUS volume 30/31 (for 2010 and 2011) was issued earlier this year, and covered a span of topics and music research methodologies that admirably reflects the breadth of research that is undertaken within Sasrim’s sphere of engagement. Volume 32 (for 2012) has been delayed somewhat but the editor has informed me that it is close to completion and you can expect to receive a copy in February 2013. SAMUS 33 (for 2013) and 34 (for 2014) are both planned as themed issues with guest editors. Volume 33 will edited by Jeff Brukman and Ingrid Monson and will be a Jazz issue. Volume 34, dedicated to Andrew Tracey, will be edited by Kathryn Olsen.

I’d herewith also like to thank Nishlyn Ramanna and his team for their work over the past few volumes. Journal editing is a time consuming task and doing this work, whilst having to teach, supervise and attend to the myriad of other tasks that academics have to do, is a heavy workload. All work done for SAMUS (as editor or otherwise) is voluntary and it is only with the goodwill of our academics that we can continue to provide good scholarship and feed our discipline. The newly elected publications committee under the steermanship of Willemien Froneman is currently working on creating a better infrastructure to support the editor. They are also looking into international accreditation for SAMUS and increased internet visibility for our journal.

SASRIM conferences: 2012 and 2013

The 2012 SASRIM Conference was held at the Tswane University of Technology in Pretoria in July. The music departments of both Unisa and North-West University co-operated with TUT to make this a successful event. I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to Chats Devroop and his support team for holding this conference. A highlight is that a record number of delegates (more than 80) attended this year and we also had the privilege of welcoming Professor Kwabena Nketia from Ghana as keynote speaker. The jazz concert commemorating Noel Stockton was also a memorable event of the conference.

Preparations for the 2013 conference, which is to be held from 18-20 July 2013 at Fort Hare University in East-London, are well under way. We are very happy to announce that Prof. Susan McClary from Case University in Cleveland USA and her husband (popular music scholar) Prof. Robert Walser have agreed to be keynote speakers. Apart from the many arrangements that need to be made for hosting a conference, Bernhard Bleibinger and his team at Fort Hare are planning, amongst others, applied ethnomusicology workshops, a first for our society. Earlier this month you should have received the Call for Papers. Please distribute these

to all your colleagues and academic friends who are not SASRIM members and who may be interested in coming to our conference. All proposals should be forwarded to the and the deadline for submission is 1 March 2013.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support to SASRIM and wish you a good and restful Festive Season!


Hilde Roos (Sasrim Chair)