Dear SASRIM members,

With the first quarter of 2009 already behind us, this newsletter serves to keep you up to date with SASRIM developments.

SASRIM congress 2009

Planning for this year’s SASRIM conference (29 June-1 July in Durban) is proceeding smoothly. Samro has provided us with a grant of R15 000 for a composer’s panel and, in addition, Dr Suzel Reily has accepted our invitation to be the keynote speaker. Dr Reily is the curator of the John Blacking website and has edited and contributed to the book, The Musical Human:  Rethinking John Blacking’s Ethnomusicology in the Twenty-First Century.  In keeping with our conference theme (Postcolonialism and the future of music research in South Africa), Dr Reily will be drawing on her fieldwork undertaken in Brazil and the preliminary title for her talk is “The Musical Human: 21st-Century Musicologies after Colonialism”

AGM and election of new Exco, 2009

As usual, the annual general meeting of SASRIM’s members will take place on the second day of this year’s conference, i.e. at 16h00 on 30 June 2009, at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. We hereby remind the membership that, as the three-year term of the current Exco will draw to a close at this year’s congress, elections for a new Exco will be held at the AGM in Durban. The Society is deeply reliant on members volunteering to serve on the Exco, and we call on all members to consider making themselves available. All paid-up members of the Society will be entitled to vote for the new Exco. Information regarding voting by proxy and nomination of people who will not be attending the conference will be available closer to the time.

SAMUS volume 28

This issue will be circulated shortly. We would like to thank our Editor Christine Lucia for her hard work and dedication, Jaco Kruger for offering to help with the final proofread, Stephanus Muller for assisting with the final stages of the printing process and both Stephanus and Hilde Roos who will be accomplishing the task of mailing the issues to members.


After additional negotiations with o5webdesign, we have a clearer idea of the way forward for the website. Marie Jorritsma is compiling the website content and we have requested o5webdesign’s assistance in applying for a free domain name for SASRIM. Once the content is approved by the Exco and the domain name registered, the website can be launched.

IMS Regional Conference 2010

Our colleagues in Stellenbosch continue to plan for this event, and further details will follow in future newsletters.

School curricula: music education

Following the resolution taken at last year’s AGM, we have focussed on preparing a document communicating the Society’s concern about the Western bias in the current National Curriculum Statement for music. The document, which was based on Mandy Carver’s presentation at last year’s conference, has been finalised and a suitable recipient at the Department of Education has been identified. It will be dispatched very shortly.

New members

We continue to work on contacting potential members and have prepared a letter for circulation in this regard. Please email Marie Jorritsma ( if you would like to identify any potential new members to whom we can forward the letter.

Membership fees

A reminder to existing members that our Treasurer is now receiving membership fees for 2009, which are as follows:
Ordinary member: R250
Student/retired member: R125
International member/Library subscription: R350

We thank you for your continued support for the Society and look forward to seeing you at this year’s congress.

Yours sincerely,

Brett Pyper, Marie Jorritsma and members of the SASRIM Exco